Nutritarian Weight-Loss and Life Coaching

by Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth

Hello there, friend! My client roster is currently full and I am not taking on any new clients but am still accepting applications for my waitlist. Please fill out an application below so that I can contact you as soon as more spots become available. 


Losing weight and sticking to your healthy-eating goals can be difficult.

I know first-hand.

Do any of these goals sound familiar to you?

  • Lose weight
  • Feel better
  • Stick to your healthy eating goals
  • Be consistent
  • Eat the highest-quality diet available
  • Have more energy
  • Live a fuller, longer life
  • Improve your digestion
  • Improve symptoms that your doctor has told you could be fixed with weight-loss and healthy eating?

How would you feel if you knew you could attain ALL of these goals through your own strength?

I can teach you how.

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“Coaching with Cheri was a wonderful experience! She has a unique ability help you identify and root out the negative thoughts that are creating negative results in all areas of life but especially with food addictions and weight loss.


She is able to lead you through a process of creating a positive future not just with weight loss and health but in any area of life where you still dare to dream!


During our first session she said one thing to me that completely relaxed my obsessive thoughts about food and eating and I immediately changed my habits and began losing weight!


My Nutritarian weight loss journey is continuing in a healthy and sustainable way! I am extremely grateful for Cheri and her dedication and devotion to me and her generosity of heart, time and spirit!


She wants you to win and will completely devote herself to your success!”


— Joan J.

How I Changed

On my 20,000+ YouTube subscriber channel and 50,000+ like Facebook page, you can find out all you need to know about me, my past and where I came from.

The truth that you’ll find there is this:

  • I’ve always struggled with my weight, and was constantly at least 30-40 pounds overweight my entire adult life.
  • I gained 50 pounds during my pregnancy, and lost 62, all in the year after I had my daughter.
  • I’ve always been a binge eater, classified with Binge-Eating Disorder, with food hoarding tendencies.
  • I come from a family history of substance abuse and addiction, and my own food addiction ran my life.
  • I always knew there was a better way.

And then, in 2013, I found the book Eat to Live by Dr. Joel Fuhrman. I knew this was it.

But how was I going to reach my goals with such strong, addictive tendencies?

It took me almost 6 years of working through this lifestyle, all documented on YouTube!, to figure out how to finally break free from my food addictions and live the vibrant, healthy life I always dreamed of.

I had to learn how to live the high-nutrient lifestyle authentically and learn to manage my mind and overcome the strong cravings that I was constantly battling.

In addition to eating all the wonderful foods, in late 2018, I began working with a coach to learn the critical thought work that has taken my journey to that next level.

I include this type of thought work and mindset education in my coaching program now.

“Working with Cheri was a breath of fresh air.


After our initial consultation, I felt a sense of relief because I knew she could help me. She really gets the food thing!


I felt so many things in the beginning-Lost, alone, confused, hopeful, grateful, scared, and at the core lacked self love. She allowed me to be vulnerable enough to be able to look at what was happening to me mentally and physically around food.


After a few sessions working with her, I began to feel a lightness inside that I was desperately searching for. She provided me with tools to use for ETL and really for the rest of my life. I’m forever grateful!!!” 


— J.G.

My New Groundbreaking Coaching Program

I believe that it must be a combination of the food we eat, our environment/tribe/education as well as learning how to harness the thoughts we have…to create the perfect formula to heal ourselves from food addiction.

For good.

And that is what I can teach you in my groundbreaking private coaching program.

Apply to Work With Me

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STEP 2: If I feel we may be a good fit, I will reach out to you so you can book a FREE 30-Minute Mini-Session with me.

Then we can decide whether or not we will proceed together to create the life and body of your dreams.

It would be an honor to work with you.

“Since my very first call with Cheri, I knew I had found a coach that was knowledgeable, generous, attentive and authentic. She has helped me successfully navigate limiting beliefs and change the vision I hold of myself.


My work has really been about developing an understanding of how to nourish myself and also about how I think about myself. Once I was clear about my goals, she committed to their realization. Cheri is at once a cheerleader, avid listener, enforcer and a tremendous resource.


She has the chops to offer such an effective program because she has a tremendous understanding of Dr. Fuhrman’s work and has observed and committed to the Eat to Live lifestyle. She has a wealth of knowledge which she generously shares to educate and inform all while giving you tools to manage your transformation.


She is an excellent, steadfast coach with uncompromising determination. She believes in people’s capacity to change and works relentlessly in partnership with you to reach your objectives. I am very grateful for her.”


— Myriam L.

Step 1 // Fill Out Private Coaching Assessment

Hello there, friend! My client roster is currently full and I am not taking on any new clients but am still accepting applications for my waitlist. Please fill out an application below so that I can contact you as soon as more spots become available. 

Please fill out this initial Private Coaching Assessment, and if it seems we may make a great match for my private coaching program, I will reach out to you with a Scheduler Link by email soon. Then you can go ahead and schedule your free 30-Minute Mini-Session with me.


“Cheri is a natural at helping you work through the Eat to Live lifestyle. From the first session I understood how to balance ingredients for the optimal meal.


She gives you detailed instructions that you will help you meet your goal and last a lifetime.


I found probably the most important piece of the life coaching that Cheri does is the information about your mindset.


Cheri definitely can guide you through this with tools, again, for a lifetime.”


— Janice

Step 2 // 30-Minute Mini-Session

If private coaching seems like a great option, once I have received your Private Coaching Assessment, then I will send you a link to my 30-Mini Session Calendar so you can schedule a time that works for your schedule.

I look so forward to working with you!



Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a doctor or medical professional and do not offer any guidance or advice based on medical issues. Information and statements made regarding health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise routine.