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The Watering Mouth is all about living your best, longest and most healthy life. And having some fun while you’re at it!

Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth

Cheri Alberts of The Watering Mouth

Wouldn’t you LOVE it if you could:

  • Always feel good, about what you eat and how you look?
  • Actually love the flavor of the world’s healthiest foods?
  • Have fantastic digestion that runs like clockwork?
  • Never feel hungry or dissatisfied at the end of a meal?
  • Use the power of excellent nutrition to heal so much of what may ail* you?
  • Drastically reduce trips to the doctor, or run-ins with the flu?
  • Easily get to your ideal body weight?
  • Fit into that dress or pants you’ve “grown out of”?
  • Have energy and youthful glow that never seems to stop?
  • Improve your sleeping habits effortlessly?
  • Get off* medications…for good?

That’s What I’m Here For: To Guide You To This Success!


Cheri with Dr. Fuhrman in June 2016

The Watering Mouth website is dedicated to creating this health and vigor in your life…right now!

After visiting my site, signing up to follow me by email and other social media, you will then be guided through the true path to excellent health. Your best life.

Health, weight-loss, longevity, stamina, disease-improvement and energy don’t have to be complicated, elusive goals. You can reach those goals…now. You don’t have to suffer any more.

This best life is RIGHT around the next corner you turn.

All information you will find is based on the principles of the extremely effective New York Times bestselling book Eat to Live by highly-respected physician Dr. Joel Fuhrman.

It is my life’s passion and work to bring this information to you on the most easily-digestible path (see what I did there?) that will hopefully make you laugh a little, too, along the way.

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First things first.

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You will find the best information on exactly that: where to start!

We all gotta start somewhere and you deserve to have the path laid out for you in an easy-to-follow manner. So let’s get you on that best path!


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The best of luck to you, my friend. I promise you that if you take even 20% of this healthy-living, happiness-producing advice, you will be MUCH better off. Guaranteed.

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