Day 1 DOWN! [42-Day Nutritarian Challenge]

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I had my first successful Nutritarian Day. 100% successful. That feels FANTASTIC. Especially after having like 14 100% unsuccessful days in a row (actually very unlike me)…I’m back on track! I drink 30 ounces of water 5 times per day, every day. I try to get in two 30-ounce glasses before 12 pm to keep me on track. So that ... Read More »

42 Day Nutritarian Challenge

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In my last post where I talked about my crazy 2-week binge eating episode, I resolved to go on a 42 Day Nutritarian Challenge. That’s 6 weeks for all you mathematicians out there. So the basis of Nutritarianism is pretty simple. You crowd out all the foods that are low in nutrients for foods that are high in nutrients instead. ... Read More »

Binge Eating


So I was on a 2-week bender full of Oreos and pasta. Old school eating habits…like WAY old school. Having been pescetarian for almost 2 years now, dairy and pasta and anything but shrimp being the very rarest of foods I would eat, I was surprised when I couldn’t make myself eat a vegetable to save my life in the ... Read More »

DIY Peppermint Shot Glasses / Cups [#video]


DIY shot glasses are probably my favorite thing in the whole world, and these being DIY Peppermint shot glasses makes me even happier. I totally love the idea of coming up with a glass you can make yourself, and everyone has fun at parties when they get to create something cute and functional…. Okay, who am I kidding? I just like ... Read More »

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots [#VIDEO]


Hand-held, cutest things ever. Also: boozy! (you know me) How to Make Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots Recipe VIDEO *** Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots WHAAATTTTT?!?! Yeah, so after I posted the Marshmallow Shot Glass Recipe and it got so much fun viral traffic, I was inspired to do some more fun shot glasses. I realized ... Read More »

Chocolate Orange Smoothie {#Recipe + #Video}


Why Smoothies? Since I started eating super healthy over a year ago, smoothies have become an absolute staple in my kitchen, and there are a few different reasons for this: They’re nutritionally superior meals. As you may or may not know, cooking a food diminishes its nutritional value. When you blend a smoothie, the ingredients are always kept fully raw, so you ... Read More »

What is Umami? | Why Does Bacon Taste So Good?


If you thought there were only 4 tastes, you thought wrong. There are actually 5! bitter salty sweet sour umami (pronounce it like “ooo-MOM-ee”) So just what is umami? Umami is a word that describes this fifth flavor, but the concept is a bit difficult to wrap your head around. Make sure to read this whole article because you’ll find out why ... Read More »

What Does Expeller Pressed Mean?

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Did you ever look at the label of an oil that you were buying and see the term “expeller-pressed”? First things first, if you see that term, it means it’s a good oil to buy. But why? Expeller-pressed is the way the oil is made. The way it is extracted from the nut or seed. Basically, it means that it ... Read More »

Crispy Roasted Chickpeas


Say you’re like me and you love tortilla chips. And say that you are the type of person who, if you buy a bag of chips, you just might eat the entire thing in one sitting. Sound like anybody you know? No, just me? Lol. Ooops okay. Anyhow. If you have a problem with portion control, like I do, then ... Read More »

Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass [VIDEO]

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Here is a quick video for how to make the toasted marshmallow shot glass (subscribe for more!): Love it? Pin this Image! I was on Facebook the other day when my friend Eleanor posted an awesome picture of a toasted marshmallow shot glass. My jaw dropped just like it always does when I see genius of this magnitude, so I knew I ... Read More »

How to Make Healthy Eating a Habit


If anyone knows how hard it can be to get healthy, it’s me. I’ve been researching how to do it for over 13 years now. I’ve tried countless diets, fasting and fads to keep me on my path, but when it comes down to it, it just has to be a mindset that is integrated into your daily life over ... Read More »

The Best Tip for Successfully Eating Healthy and Losing Weight


What does healthy mean to you? Does healthy mean losing weight? Does healthy mean reversing effects of a disease you have? Does healthy mean cutting back on an addiction you have? Does healthy mean becoming a strict vegan/ gluten-free/ paleo/ vegetarian/ macrobiotic/ fruitarian/ low-carb…etc? The thing about “healthy” is that it is defined in so many different ways to different ... Read More »

Pantry Staples for Healthy Eating

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A well-stocked pantry is one that’s more likely to be used, wouldn’t you agree? And the more great pantry staples for healthy eating you have in your kitchen, the better quality meals you can create. And now that you know the most important tip for getting into healthy eating mode, you’ve got to stock your kitchen with the right stuff ... Read More »

How to Start Eating Healthy Guide


Getting Healthy Guide: How to Start Eating Healthy You’re smart. You know that proper health and nutrition don’t come overnight. And smart people who want to get healthier have to put in the work of research! …but it needs to be simple. Especially in the beginning. Lucky for you, I’ve already put in the research for you. I’ve compiled a list of great articles here to ... Read More »

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MAY 11,2014 Today I thought I didn’t do so great, but it turns out I did cuz I lost over a pound in one day. Lol. Yay for killer motivation! Only 5 pounds away from my happy weight last year. And 15 pounds from my lifetime goal weight…WOW. And All that with eating tremendously delicious satisfying foods. I need to ... Read More »



MAY 25, 2014 Alright, so I haven’t been a good little blogger, I’ve taken some days off. My dear aunt came into town for a few days and it was amazing. I was helping her learn some new veggie food techniques, and as a result, I didn’t pay much attention to the scale. I know I was solid at 132.0 ... Read More »

Food Diary 5/10/11


Roasted green beans that I snacked on throughout the day. 
Half a tomato w salt
Huge Caesar salad (16 oz) w dressing and croutons
Leftover roasted carrots
Big chocolate smoothie (4 tbsp cocoa, 2 dates, handful raisins, 1 tbsp honey, I tbsp agave, 1/2 c almond milk, 3/4 c baby kale, 5 oz spinach) ate 2/3 of that A note about massive vegetable ... Read More »

How to Make Roasted Cantaloupe Seeds

how to make roasted cantaloupe seeds-4961

   Hi, my name’s Cheri and I’m an addict. The first time I was introduced to roasted pumpkin seeds was when I lived in Phoenix in 2002. Wait, 2002? That was 12 years ago?!?! WTFFFFFFFFl;asdjfosidgj….yikes, time flies.  I was a preschool teacher at Sunrise Preschools in Chandler AZ. My co-teacher, crap, I can’t remember her name now but I can ... Read More »