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Lea & Perrins original Worcestershire Sauce labelI don’t know if you know this, and maybe you’re not gonna be very happy once I told you, but you should have some idea about what it is that you’re eating. Say you really like Worcestershire Sauce (even if you can’t pronounce it), but did you know it’s made from….fish?

(The word is pronounced [wuu-ster-sher]. You’re welcome.)

The common ingredients in this sauce are listed as: vinegar, molasses, sugar, salt, anchovies, and other spices and flavoring like soy sauce, cloves, garlic, onions, etc. So it’s basically anchovies dissolved in vinegar. Sorry to put it that way but:

image from popular 80's PSA The More You Know

I wanted to tell you this today in preparation for a new section of this blog I’m introducing on Fridays called the “Friday 5 O’Cocktail”. I will be posting a different cocktail/alcoholic drink recipe every Friday in the morning, so that by the time 5:00 pm strikes, you have already brainstormed an action plan for acquiring and ingesting it as quickly as you can once out of work. I suggest preparing it beforehand and keeping it in a thermos in your car for an after-work parking lot party, but that’s just me…

And today’s recipe is going to be the Bloody Mary, which happens to call for Worcestershire Sauce. But by now, I may have ruined that for you. Ehhh, sorry?