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Tamas Cigar

Hottest Almost US Citizen

This Friday 5 O’Cocktail recipe, the “Tough Path to Citizenship Martini”, is inspired by my husband’s and my struggle for the last almost 4 years trying to navigate the waters of becoming a US citizen. As you may or may not know, he is Hungarian and I am American and we haven’t had the most pleasant experience on our journey.

But this is all to be behind us soon, because just two days ago, we finally got to the last step: we received the appointment notice for his Oath Ceremony where he will raise his right hand and swear allegiance to this beautiful country’s flag!

The appointment is scheduled for Monday at 1 pm so I thought I would post a celebratory drink today so that we can all prepare a bit early, both mentally and physically!

Now, the most wonderful thing about the internet is that my work is already done — of course there is already a cocktail that has been named for our exact situation! I found a food blog with political recipes called Kitchen Caucus. Now that’s a niche! Guess I’m not surprised that probably every single possible combination of topics has already been broached on blogs. In any case, I dedicate this recipe to hubby-face Tamas – my favorite almost US citizen.

Lisa at Kitchen Caucus says: “Some paths to citizenship are tougher than others…this cocktail is designed to spare you any pain.”

Tough Path to Citizenship Martini

image via kitchencaucus.com

Tough Path to Citizenship Martini
Serves 4 (or 1 if your path was as hard as ours)
3/4 cup chilled vodka
3/4 cup chilled honey flavored liqueur (Krupnik)
1 cup apple juice

Combine vodka, liqueur and apple juice in small pitcher. Pour over crushed ice in cocktail shaker; strain into chilled martini glasses.


Tip: You can go through the trouble of mixing this up, or you can do like we’re probably gonna do and just drink some Hungarian Pálinka (moonshine brandy) straight up as quickly as possible after the ceremony. :P