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Here is a quick video for how to make the toasted marshmallow shot glass (subscribe for more!):

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I was on Facebook the other day when my friend Eleanor posted an awesome picture of a toasted marshmallow shot glass. My jaw dropped just like it always does when I see genius of this magnitude, so I knew I had to try it out to see if it worked.

Mainly I was curious if it would work at all, because I thought the marshmallow would be too porous, but hey, a girl can dream right?

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Well, it does work, turns out. Half the time. It is a really finicky thing to make, but when you get it right, it is so so super cool. It would be a hit at any party, even if it doesn’t quite work all the time. Just the toasting of the marshmallows over an open flame, or in my case, a red hot electric burner, lol, is entertaining. But then getting to shoot liqueur from the marshmallow…yeah. Next level.

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So when I went to go make this, I had to try about 12 different marshmallows to figure out the best way. Make sure the marshmallow is really perfect looking, the less oblong the marshmallow, the better luck you will have.

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As I state though, even if you can’t get your marshmallow to work perfectly, like if it leaks or something, sopping up alcohol (or chocolate milk!) with a marshmallow…well, there definitely are worse things you could be doing. AMIRITE?!?!

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Toasted Marshmallow Shot Glass
Cook time
Total time
This is a great recipe for parties -- any liqueur will work. You can even just do this with kids and use chocolate milk instead!
Cuisine: Cocktails
Serves: 4 shots
  • 4 marshmallows, regular size
  • 2 ounces any flavor liqueur
  • 2 forks
  • electric burner (or gas fireplace/burner)
  • plate
  1. Turn on your electric burner to red-hot high.
  2. Stick a fork in a marshmallow, being careful not to pierce the bottom.
  3. Hold the marshmallow side 2-3 inches over the burner. When it begins to smoke and brown, turn it again. Brown all sides of the marshmallow evenly, excluding the top where the fork is. Use the second fork to hold the marshmallow on while browning the bottom.
  4. Slide the marshmallow off the fork onto a plate and allow to cool completely. The inside will implode naturally.
  5. Pour liqueur into the cooled marshmallow and shoot immediately. If you wait too long, it will soak through the marshmallow.
  6. Eat the marshmallow!


Things to Keep In Mind:

  • Toast all sides of the marshmallow evenly so you don’t get thin spots.
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy…seriously. This is dangerous. Don’t let your kids do the toasting part. Blah blah disclaimer blah.
  • Don’t burn the marshmallow too bad or the walls will get too thin.
  • Putting marshmallows in freezer to cool faster doesn’t work.
  • Only pour liqueur when ready to shoot, otherwise it will just soak through.
  • Make sure to have a plate underneath or you’ll have a big mess.
  • Don’t forget to eat the marshmallow after. YUM. Sticky, soppy, alcohol-y mess ftw!!

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Comment below and tell me if you know of any other cool shot glasses that you can make at home!!

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