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Eyeball Martini Recipe

AAAAHHHHH!!!!!! Halloween is coming!! YAY!! Time for all women to have an excuse to dress up as whores! Yahoo!!

I actually really miss my old costume (not whore-ish) that I had used for about 3 years in a row, mostly due to scariness, originality and general awesomeness.  I’m sure you’re having a hard time picturing what could ever possibly be so absolutely terrifying, so here is what it looked like:

Sheet Ghost Costumes

I love this kind of ironic, silly stuff. And don’t let me mention how many times I pulled that same folded sheet out of the closet afterwards and went to go use it to make a bed, and noticed the strange holes right in the center. Lol. Whoops. But it did make me smile every time I saw it. I loved that costume!

Eyeball Martini Recipe

Ha. Okay, so Halloween is a really weird holiday, I’m sure we can all agree. And it’s probably mostly for the kids at this point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your cocktail recipes! This cool Eyeball Martini recipe is perfect for a holiday party – and you get some actual vegetables with it, which always helps. Plus, you could always leave the eyeballs out (never thought I’d type that) and just use the regular martini recipe to create the Classic Martini!

Here’s my quick video to show you how to make it, plus some stupid noises and dances:

[youtube id=”l7Wae_w07Hs” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Eyeball Martini Recipe
makes 2 cocktails
4 radishes
4 pimento-stuffed olives
6-8 parts London dry gin, like Beefeater, or Bombay Sapphire
1 part dry vermouth, like Martini & Rossi or Noilly Prat


  1. Cut off the ends of the radishes and use a potato peeler or other blunt kitchen tool to score lines into the radishes from cut end to cut end. Score these lines all the way around each radish to give the appearance of bloodshot eyes.
  2. Using the end of your potato peeler or a paring knife, scoop out a hole the size of the green olives. Then insert a green olive into each radish, pimento facing outwards. You can trim the olives to size if they’re a bit too big.
  3. Put the eyeballs in the freezer for a couple hours so they will become veggie ice cubes.
  4. Assemble the final drinks by first putting a few ice cubes in a cocktail shaker or large glass.
  5. Add gin and vermouth. Then, opposite James Bond style, stir the liquor and ice until it’s cold, about 30 seconds.
  6. Pour the cold liquor into a martini glass and add a couple of the frozen eyeballs.

Note: I added some of the olive juice to make a Dirty Martini for the one I drank because I thought it looked better cloudy with the eyeballs for a yummy Halloween treat!

Eyeball Martini Recipe

 QUESTION: What is your favorite Halloween costume from the past, or what are you planning to be this year??