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REVIEW BIOWave GO Pain Blocker Unit + GIVEAWAY!

Watch the video below for my review of the BIOWave Pain Blocker unit and see what I thought and how this worked for both me and my husband for the couple of weeks that we were testing it. Spoiler alert: it works awesome. Enter the giveaway below... Then join the...

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4 Sneaky Myths of the Eat to Live Diet

My wish for you is to sidestep the countless traps that make most diets epic disasters, and instead learn how to create true, long-term, sustainable health and weight-loss in your life.

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Creamy Vegan Potato Chowder Soup Recipe

This: Creamy Vegan Potato Chowder. I mean, what else is there to say? :P Ok I'm not gonna blab a lot on this one like I do for most of my posts, lol. I'm just gonna cut to the chase: It is winter, it's cold and I just really wanted something super comforting without a...

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Cabbage and Mushroom Buckwheat Pasta | Vegan

This recipe came to my head the other day when I was craving pasta and realized I had a package of soba noodles (buckwheat pasta) in my pantry that I'd never used before. I wanted to see what it was like and this recipe was born! How Healthy Is This Cabbage and...

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