6-Week Live Online Workshop Weight-Loss, Consistency and Mindset August 2019


This workshop is no longer available for purchase.


[IMPORTANT NOTE: Registration for this workshop will only be open until 11:59 pm Pacific time on August 24, 2019.]

Join me for a 6-week workshop that will change your mindset about healthy eating and weight-loss…and change your life forever.

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If you’ve always been searching for answer to the question, “How do I lose weight and keep it off for good while eating healthy (and loving it)?”…then this Workshop is for you.

I will be teaching you all of the foundational principles that I teach to all of my private weight-loss coaching clients — I’m not holding anything back!

Here’s What You’ll Get:

  • 6 Weekly LIVE Calls with me on the most powerful weight-loss and consistency strategies in the world
  • 30-60 minutes of live instruction
  • 30 minutes of live, interactive Q&A time
  • Each call recorded and uploaded for your replay with lifetime access
  • Live interactive exercises, Worksheets, PDFs, Journaling, and so much more

You will be able to interact live with me personally, as well, if you choose…which is a little like private coaching — in front of the rest of the class. :) I encourage all students to try to get some live time with me on the workshop.

We will be diving DEEPLY into the following topics:

  • Accountability and why it doesn’t work…and what we need instead
  • Will-power and why it doesn’t work…and what we need instead
  • The cause of cravings…and how to get over them
  • The #1 key to weight-loss and healthy eating consistency
  • Which mindset you need to create the success you desire
  • How to lose weight for good
  • What to eat for weight loss and your health…that tastes good!
  • How much to exercise to lose weight
  • How to create your own weight-loss program that works for YOU
  • 4 powerful Mindset Exercises that you have never tried before…but they work
  • How to get over plateaus
  • How to stop self-sabotage
  • How to love yourself during the process of weight-loss
  • Secrets to body confidence, patience in the journey and how to trust ourselves
  • What steps to take if you’re constantly too tired to make food or stick to your plan



You will also get access to 3 Powerful Bonuses just for purchasing the Live Workshop!

  • BONUS #1 Eat to Live Nutritarian Meal Planning and Prepping Guide ($47+ Value) FREE!
  • BONUS #2 Eat to Live Nutritarian Quick Reference Meal Formula Cards ($47+ Value) FREE!
  • BONUS #3 Access to a PRIVATE Workshop-Attendee-ONLY Facebook Group ($97+ Value) FREE!


I’m Cheri Alberts, the foremost private Eat to Live Weight-Loss Coach in the world. I have a Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University and am also a Certified Life Coach from the prestigious Life Coach School. For over 6 years I’ve been helping others radically change how they think about healthy eating and how to lose weight for the long term.

I truly cannot wait to meet you in this 6-Week Live Workshop and I wish you the very best until then.

You’re gonna get this this thing figured out after all. <3

Sending love, warmth and encouragement


IMPORTANT NOTE: This Workshop occurs weekly in real-time, and will begin on August 28th, 2019. Therefore, registration for this workshop will only be open until 11:59 pm Pacific time on August 24, 2019. All workshop materials will be delivered by email late EOD on Monday August 26th, 2019.


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