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This is the day of the week you all wait for, I know it. Just another alcohol recipe to get the weekend started! Yahoo! Well, you’re in luck this week ’cause this is going to be a fun one. For my birthday last week, I tapped a watermelon and we dispensed vodka watermelon juice from it. And it was glorious. I will post that recipe and instructions later because it is way too fun to skip, but for today, I just decided to post about the traditional Drunken Watermelon idea. My husband has used this back home in Hungary, friends of mine have mentioned it on Facebook when I talked about it recently, and even the Home Depot guy had something to add about his hippie days (read: last weekend probably) when they used to make Drunken Watermelons, so I know this is a popular activity.

So let’s celebrate National Watermelon Day (oh yes, that is today!!) and make a Drunken Watermelon that everybody loves!

Drunken Watermelon
recipe from my friend Paula
1 whole watermelon
1 bottle vodka (quantity is up to you, ya lush!)
large cooler

Place the watermelon in a large chest or cooler full of ice, propped up. Cut a hole in the top of the melon with an apple corer or a knife. Shove the bottle of vodka into the hole and drain all of the vodka into the hole in the watermelon. Let the watermelon sit in the cooler of ice so it will melt and get cooled overnight. When you’re ready to party, slice up the watermelon and charge your friends a bunch of money per slice! Get drunk and make money at the same time…genius! (I will gladly accept a small commission)


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