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This is first time in human history that I’m posting a Friday 5 O’Cocktail recipe on a Saturday. Doesn’t that make you feel special to get to witness this moment?? No? K. Whoops. Well, I got sick last week, as some of you may know, so I am a bit behind. But I’m getting it together as we speak! NEVER FEAR!!! The best part is this isn’t even a recipe – it’s more of a How-To, but since we were in emergency mode that time with the Cheap Date Cocktail, figured we could just keep on keepin’ on that way…

I’m not lying when I say I’ve been developing this how-to for about 4 months now. And when I say developing, I mean MacGyvering. I mean, obviously I’m not working on it 24/7, but I have been experimenting little-by-little and it turns out that one of my very first attempts turned out to be the winning method of creating this. Aka, the only method that worked.

I originally saw this idea online while searching through Cheryl Charming‘s website, and I tweaked it a bit because I couldn’t find snow cone cups and thought they should be made as easy as possible! So I used materials that probably everyone has at home, or if not, that you can easily find at any nearby grocery store. You do need to plan ahead for this one, obviously, because there is ICE CREATION involved.

Doesn’t my new term “ice creation” sound sort of amazing?

So here is a little helpful video that I put together on How to Make Ice Shot Glasses! The recipe follows.

How to Make Ice Shot Glasses
1 3 oz bathroom cup
1 5 oz bathroom cup
2 pieces of tape
water, hot and cold


  1. Fill the larger cup with cold water, just under 1/3 full.
  2. Place the smaller cup inside the larger cup so it floats.
  3. Tape over the tops of both cups, so they are flush and level with each other, in an x-formation.
  4. Freeze the cups for several hours.
  5. Remove the tape and discard.
  6. Pour a small amount of hot water into the small cup, swish it around for 7 seconds, then quickly dump it out.
  7. Carefully loosen and peel out the inner cup. Discard.
  8. Peel open the larger cup and carefully peel it away, taking care not to smoosh your shot glass. Discard.
  9. Refreeze the cup for 15 minutes to finish.

Take a shot!


NOTE: Make sure the shot liquids you are using are at least fridge-cold before you pour them in, otherwise they will crack your ice shot glasses. Drink responsibly!