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September is National Honey Month and I was inspired to post this drink because I’ve been a little obsessed with honey-drizzled peach slices lately. I picked up some honey earlier this year at the Sarasota Farmer’s Market from the vendor Winter Park Honey, and I’ve been enjoying it a little at a time. Well, lately, a lot at a time. Now I’m enjoying a cup of chamomile tea as well, with some drizzled in there! So I adapted this recipe for a Honey Peach Cocktail to create this sweet, refreshing drink for this time of year.  Let’s get in this refreshing stuff while we can before it cools off for the winter!

Honey Peach Cocktail
adapted from yahoo.com
Serves 4

8 oz. Wild Turkey American Honey liqueur, freezer-cold
8 oz. soda water
2 oz. peach schnapps, freezer-cold
2 tbsp honey
one ripe peach, peeled, in eight slices, refrigerator-temperature
ice cubes, as desired

Combine all ingredients into 4 separate cocktail or lowball glasses with 2 slices of peach in each glass. Add mint as garnish and ice, if desired.


[image via thekitchn.com]