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TGIF, folks. And what a special F we have today. (Friday, that is.) It’s Friday the 13th!

“I’m not superstitious. Just a little stitious.”
– Michael Scott, “The Office”

I thought I’d give you one Bad Luck recipe and then even it out with a Good Luck recipe. That way you can have both and not have to worry about one affecting your luck because you’ll have the other the cancel it out!

Black Cat Cocktail

via Hiram Walker

Black Cat Cocktail
recipe courtesy of Hiram Walker
1/3 part Kahlua®
1/3 part Hiram Walker® Anisette
1/3 part Tequila

Layer slowly into a chilled shot glass starting with the Kahlua so as to create the cool layered effect.


And then you can have the Good Luck Charm cocktail to put everything back the way it should be!

  • Good Luck Charm Cocktail
    1 1/2 parts   Jim Beam Bourbon
    3/4 parts      Limoncello
    2 parts         fresh lemon sour
    5-6               fresh spearmint leaves, minced
  • Shake all ingredients in a cocktail mixer with ice until well mixed and chilled.
    Strain into a chilled cocktail glass. You can sugar the rim of the glass for a fancy touch.
    Garnish with lemon peel.
  • Good luck note: the floating pieces of spearmint are the bursts of good luck! Don’t skimp on that part or at least don’t blame me if you do!