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Hey all! Just a quick note to say that I am taking today and Saturday off from posting because I have too much going on! Today is my 30th birthday (yay, birthdays!) so I will be cooking and preparing all day since we’re having  a bunch of friends over for a par-tay!! AGGHHH the big 3-0!! Heehee. Then, Saturday I am going to be prepping for a great, big post for #SundaySupper – you’re gonna love it. So look out for that on Sunday. And best of all – there is a giveaway involved! Make sure you tune back in on Sunday to check the post and see how you can partake in the giveaway – I’ll give you a hint….it has to do with clothing!!! YAY!!

So to save me some time from this crazy upcoming weekend, I am doing a post rewind to draw your attention back to my Amaretto Sour Cocktail post from way back when. Appropriate, because this is my favorite drink in the world! So here’s to a great Friday and Saturday, and I will catch you all back on Sunday!


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Amaretto Sour

Read Amaretto Sour Post