Banana Nice Cream
Prep time
Total time
The only thing you need ahead of time is frozen ripe bananas. Tip: every time you buy bananas, buy extra. Let them over-ripen, peel them, cut them into pieces or halves and store in freezer. Then you will always have bananas on hand for dessert!
Recipe type: Dessert
Serves: 1-3 servings
  • 2-4 ripe bananas, frozen and chopped or halved
  • 1 cup almond milk (more or less depending on the blender you have)
  1. If using a regular blender, add chopped pieces of banana plus almond milk. Pulse on high until bananas are a creamy consistency, adding more almond milk and shaking or stirring the contents until well blended.
  2. If using a high-speed blender, add halved frozen bananas and add ¼ cup almond milk or less, just to get it moving. Start off on low setting, and gradually increase speed using tamper when necessary to keep moving bananas until they are well blended.
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