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I’m Nancy, and you may have seen me in The Watering Mouth videos. 


You may have enjoyed making my recipes.


Now you have the chance to work directly with me as your personal Life and Weight Loss Coach.



Do any of these goals sound familiar to you?
» Lose weight

» Feel better

» Stick to your healthy eating goals

» Be consistent

» Eat the highest-quality diet available

» Have more energy

» Live a fuller, longer life

» Improve your digestion

» Improve symptoms that your doctor has told you could be fixed with weight-loss and healthy eating?

How would you feel if you knew you could attain ALL
of these goals through your own strength?

I can teach you how.

“Every time I talk to Coach Nancy, a little bit of the brain fog goes away. This is the first time I opened up so much with someone about my emotional problems. 

I never thought talking to an unbiased third-party would benefit my life in such powerful ways.

I didn’t realize talking to Nancy would have such an impact on my life. One on one coaching with Nancy has been the best investment I have every made. It has greatly benefitted my in every area of my life. I want to feel better and keeping it inside me wouldn’t do me any good.

For so many years I didn’t talk to anyone. It was tearing me up inside. I needed to talk to someone who would help me! And then I found Nancy and everything got better!” 

Ana J

About Me:

I had gone through a year-long coaching course in 2011.

Never being content with the status quo, last year I signed on to train at The Life Coach School, because of Cheri’s involvement in and enthusiasm for it.

I have finished that schooling, but never my learning

(Don’t be surprised to hear about my involvement in more coach training!)

If you have tried DOING all the things you have been told to do and you STILL struggle with weight….

If you have tried being mean to yourself and you STILL struggle with weight….

If you have tried will power and gutting it out and you STILL struggle with weight…

I have been there myself! 

I spent forty-five years of loving food (and let’s face it- food OBSESSED.) 

I didn’t love myself….

…I finally embraced Eat to Live. 

(Actually, Cheri’s videos reminded me I had the book on my shelf!)

My first 21-Day Challenge was the very first one Cheri offered. THIS works!

Then, learning the mindset piece really solidified things for me in my eating—and in my life—as I know it will for YOU!

One of the most significant things I learned through coaching is that there is NOTHING WRONG with me! I had been trying to change what I was doing (what I ate, exercise, etc.) I only needed to cultivate compassionate curiosity about what and how I was thinking to actually begin to change grow and shift from the inside out!


 Guess what? There is nothing wrong with you!

Now, you have the chance to work directly with me as your personal Life and Weight Loss Coach, glean from my experience and be guided by me as I hold compassionate space for you. 

Hello Coach Nancy,

I just wanted to say thank you. I always feel better after I talk to you. I think it’s your calm, confident demeanor with helpful suggestions, that makes me feel better.” 

Beth D

“I don’t know what you did yesterday, but it is like you turned on a light switch.  I felt really calm in the afternoon and all evening. I kept thinking about what am I feeling.  LOL.  Woke up this morning, same thing.  I had my thought about the {off plan item.} I  laughed and told my mind: ‘I have new habits now and that old habit doesn’t serve me anymore.’  Really haven’t thought about it anymore until now.  Thank you so much for all your help. You are awesome!”



Please fill out this initial Private Coaching Assessment, and if it seems we may make a great match for my private coaching program, I will reach out to you with a Scheduler Link by email soon. Then you can go ahead and schedule your free 30-Minute Mini-Session with me.

If private coaching seems like a great option, once I have received your Private Coaching Assessment, then I will send you a link to my 45-Minute Mini Session Calendar so you can schedule a time that works for your schedule.

I look so forward to working with you!



“I have gained better acceptance of my weight where it is now.  More realistic body image. With the Thought Model, I feel I can take it and apply it to many areas of my life. I would recommend Coach Nancy to people who are struggling with the Nutritarian Plan or who have struggled with maintaining weight loss over time (yo-yoing). After our coaching sessions, I feel confident, more peaceful and less anxious.”

Carole H

I wanted coaching from Coach Nancy because…. I have been struggling for years to get through mentally to the changes I want for my life. I believe Nancy has the keys to help me.
She helps me by….giving me the tools I need to successfully change my thoughts.
I am learning….to be more aware of my thoughts and to actually “feel” my feelings.
I would recommend Coach Nancy to people who….are having trouble changing long-held beliefs about themselves and need some guidance and direction with solid tools to learn to think and act differently.
Bridget Phillips

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a doctor or medical professional and do not offer any guidance or advice based on medical issues. Information and statements made regarding health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. You should always consult a doctor before making any changes to your diet and exercise routine.