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In honor of Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, observed in the United States as a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride, I decided to post something traditionally Mexican for our Friday 5 O’Cocktail recipe. I am a huuuuugggge fan of Margaritas and I mostly love the salt-rimmed glass version. I mean, who doesn’t love a margarita? Don’t tell me if you don’t like them because I disapprove of your opinion – just keep it to yourself and no one gets hurt!

Here is your well-deserved Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe…which actually doesn’t have to be enjoyed only on the 5th of May, just FYI.

Cinco de Mayo Margarita Recipe
adapted from allrecipes.com
1-6 oz can frozen limeade concentrate, or you could just use the juice of 2 limes or lemons
6 oz tequila!
2 oz triple sec (orange-flavored liqueur like Cointreau)
kosher/coarse salt

To Salt Rim the glasses: I LOVE a salt-rimmed glass for a margarita. Use a liquid that is sticky like lemon/lime juice or a bit of the drink you’re making. Rub the liquid around the rim of the glass. Pour a bunch of salt onto a plate and, holding the empty glass parallel to the counter, dip and roll the outside of the glass into the salt to get an even coating. Tips: don’t use water because the salt will just dissolve down the side of the glass and only rim the outside of the glass to control the saltiness of the drink. If you’re a baby, you can use sugar instead, but you’re not a hardcore margarita drinker, in that case.

Fill blender with ice. Add all remaining ingredients over the ice. Blend until smooth. Pour margarita into salt-rimmed margarita glass.