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Yay! TGIF!!! FRIDAY 5 O’COCKTAIL!! End of the week, end of the month…the end of acting like an adult and being serious. Let’s get a little crazy and have a fun drink that’s ridiculously easy to make and is a real cheap way to drink! I call it The Cheap Date. I learned this from my good old husband and it’s a typical drink that they have over in Hungary. We’ve had this quite a few times and I may or may not have gotten drunk off it quite a few times. Mostly I’ve had the red version, but he just introduced me to the white version last week, so let’s give it a go!

Peggy from the TV show Mad Men once said that a drink with only two ingredients isn’t a cocktail…it’s an emergency. So with that in mind, I’m disregarding her logic and presenting it to you anyhow, and you can be the final judge on how to characterize this drink. Because hey man, who cares? We’re just drinkin’.

The best part of this drink is that it basically thins out wine with a soda of your choice, so not only can you buy the cheapest wine ever in history because the taste will get covered up with the soda, but you can have the versatility to choose whichever type of wine you want! Your friends will love you when they have this first. I’m not saying it’s classy. I’m saying it works.

Check out the video for ensuing hilarity, and the recipe is right below!

Cheap Date Cocktail Recipe (Kalimotxo)

1 part red wine
1 part Coca-Cola

1 part white wine
1 part Sprite

Mix equal parts wine and soda. Adjust amounts to your preferred level of sweetness! Save money!

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