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Hand-held, cutest things ever. Also: boozy! (you know me)

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Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots Recipe VIDEO


Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots WHAAATTTTT?!?!


Yeah, so after I posted the Marshmallow Shot Glass Recipe and it got so much fun viral traffic, I was inspired to do some more fun shot glasses. I realized that I have so much dang fun when I do DIY shot glasses.


Remember the time I did DIY Ice Shot Glasses? Or the 4th of July Jello Shots?

Or remember the time I did the “How to Take a Shot Like a Boss” video?


These posts make me just as happy as the healthy stuff, so I’m gonna keep on keepin’ on with both! A week or so ago started the brainstorming process — laying in bed for a couple hours in the morning dreaming of alcohol. Lol. “You might be an alcoholic when…” #jklololololol


I wondered, how can I create something holiday-tasting and fun? And the cool part is I came up with 5 new recipes just in that one morning! So here’s 2 of them, there’s more to come soon. Christmas, Thanksgiving appropriate…and one that involves rubber just for fun….more on that later :P


These ones are delicious though, I’m telling you. I’ve had at least like 5 today while photographing and testing, and they definitely get my stamp of approval.


I tested out a bunch of different types of crust for them, and the good news is that they all work. It just depends on your level of concern with eating processed foods. I try to stay away as much as possible, but you can feel free to use whatever you want, depending on how much time you have.


So you can either go with pre-made mini graham cracker crusts (I could only find Keebler brand), or store-bought pie crusts, or make your own graham cracker crust and put it in mini muffin tins.

Gotta say, they all tasted great, but here’s the scale from greatest to okay: homemade graham cracker crust, storebought graham cracker, store bought pie crust.

I imagine homemade pie crust would be off the hoooooook, but yeah, I’m not going through all that trouble just for some shots. :P I bet you wouldn’t either.


And you *can* pour the warm gelatin mixture in without it having to get to the gel stage, but then you don’t get as much mixture in because it shrinks as it cools. And I know you want as much liquor as possible…amirite?!?!

Perfect for the holidays, but also perfect for any pie-eating occasion. Lemme know what you think!! Here’s the recipe:

Apple Pie and Pumpkin Pie Jello Shots Recipe

I tested 3 different crusts and included directions for each – it’s up to you! You can use vodka, rum or whiskey, but I prefer rum, hands-down (I used Captain Morgan). You can let the gelatin set completely at first if you like, but you have to chop it up and spoon it into the crusts, and it won’t be smooth like the top of a normal pie. Feel free to leave out the alcohol completely, if you want (but what’s the fun in that??) 
This will make…a lot…of shots. Pie crust: 30. Graham Cracker: more than 40.  And you will still have leftover jello mixture, but that’s okay because you can totally eat it plain too. Imagine with cream cheese over a cracker…yumm!


For the Apple Pie Filling
2 1/2 cups apple cider (or apple juice)
3 packets unflavored gelatin powder
3/4 cup sugar
sprinkle cinnamon
1 cup spiced rum (I used Captain Morgan)

For the Pumpkin Pie Filling
2 cups water
3 packets unflavored gelatin powder
1/2 cup canned spiced pumpkin pie mix
3/4 cup sugar
1 cup rum (I used Captain Morgan)

For the crust, either:
2 boxes Keebler pre-made graham cracker mini crusts (in the jello aisle)
2 packages ready made pie crust (4 crusts total)
1 recipe for homemade graham cracker crust (below)


Make the jello mixture (same directions for each flavor):

  1. Add the cider or water in a small sauce pan. Sprinkle the gelatin over top and let stand for 1 minute to begin absorbing liquid. This ensures it will dissolve properly.
  2. Over medium high heat, add remainder of ingredients except for the rum and stir for 3-4 minutes or until sugar has dissolved completely.
  3. Take mixture off heat and let cool to room temperature. Add rum and stir to combine.
  4. Refrigerate mixture until it is the consistence of raw egg whites. This is anywhere from 25-45 minutes, so you have to set a timer and keep checking it. If you let it become set too much, it won’t be smooth in the crusts. If you don’t mind chopped up jello rather than smooth set, just refrigerate until it’s completely firm, and then mix it into small pieces with a fork.

To use store-bought graham cracker crust:

  1. Pre-bake crust according to package directions and let cool.
  2. Spoon the egg-like jello mixture into the crust and put back in the fridge to finish setting. This can take 2-4 hours.

To use store-bought pre-made pie crust:

  1. Bring dough to room temperature according to package directions.
  2. Unroll on a flat surface, and using an inverted water glass or large mason jar lid (approximately 3 inches diameter), make circular shapes of the dough. Pleat the dough so it can easily fit into mini muffin tins and spread the top evenly over the edges. Prick the bottom and sides of the dough and bake according to package directions.
  3. Let cool completely. Spoon the jello mixture into the pie crusts and put back in the refrigerator to set completely, 2-4 hours.

To make your own graham cracker crust (highly recommended!), follow these ingredients measurements to make the mixture

  1. Place muffin liners in the muffin tins, and fill 3/4 of the way full of crust mixture. Pat down in the bottom and up the sides of the liners a bit. Bake at 325F for 8 minutes or until just starting to become golden brown. Remove from oven and let cool completely.
  2. Fill muffin liners to the top with jello mixture. Replace in refrigerator and let mixture set, 2-4 hours.



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