Learn to Eat Healthy Consistently and Joyfully

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If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and get over cravings before, you have firsthand experience of how difficult it can be to not only figure out WHICH diet to choose, but also how to navigate that diet successfully…for life.

Maybe you’ve even been one of those people who has signed up for personalized diet advice, or an online system or even one of those diet places where you go to meetings and have to count points…but you’ve never really been able to be truly make it work.

Watch the Video: 4 Sneaky Myths of the Eat to Live Diet

So why is dieting so hard?

If we’re so smart, why is weight-loss the ONE nut we just can’t crack?

Let me guess:

  • You don’t mind putting in some effort in the beginning of something to reap massive rewards later.
  • You love the idea of having a diet plan that you can LIVE WITH for the rest of your life, that not only supports your weight-loss goals and helps you get over cravings…but also — BONUS! — helps you live longer!
  • You know something MUST exist out there that will do all of these things, but you just don’t know where to start…or how to keep going once you’re on a roll!

Busy people like you and me, we don’t have any spare SECONDS to waste in trying to get this thing figured out once and for all. Right? I get that. We just want someone to tell us how to do it NOW, so we don’t have to go through years and years of flailing around, to ultimately give up and move on to the next diet guru, disappointed and dejected!

In my experience, I’ve found that there are 4 major myths that are to blame for the failures on the Eat to Live Nutritarian diet plan.

And I’m going to debunk those for you, and show you how to replace them with truly effective practices that will not only reward all your hard work, but have you finally in that right-sized body — quick.

Myth #1: “I won’t like the food and don’t want to eat just salads for the rest of my life.”

This is such a common misconception from folks when they first decide to do the Nutritarian diet, and it’s the number one reason most people hesitate when getting started in the first place.

I admit: this was MY first roadblock for sure. I remember reading the book like the true Nutrition Nerd that I am — cover-to-cover in 2 days. But then not actually trying my first Eat to Live meal until a FRIEND actually made one FOR ME…THREE MONTHS LATER. :-D

I just couldn’t get over the thought, “Sure, I believe all this stuff…all except for the part about how I’m going to love eating mostly vegetables for ever and ever!”

But these 2 meals my friend made for me changed my life, and I remember to this day after tasting the salad, saying out loud to her, “Oh I could eat like this forever!” and totally meaning it with every fiber of my excited, can’t-ever-go-back-to-ignorance self.

Because what the truth really is (that you will find out for yourself and be amazed) is that eating this whole, plant-based, high-nutrient food not only tastes great naturally in itself, but also that we will be able to pick up on that over time, as our tastebuds heal from the damage we have done to them from processed foods.

So even if we don’t love them at first, we will absolutely grow to love them…and even prefer them over time! I promise!

But the big mistake I see so many make in the beginning of their journey is just trying any recipe they come across. They inevitably end up having a few they aren’t so fond of, and might even think that’s it. That they will always dislike what they try.

So it’s important to start with the tried-and-true recipes that stand the test of time with beginners and experienced Nutritarians alike.

And yes, it’s true that we eat lots of salads on this lifestyle…but these aren’t your iceberg-lettuce-and-celery rabbit food meals that leave your tastebuds crying and your stomach growling just 30 minutes later.

No, these are hearty, flavorful, super-filling and delicious creations that will leave you saying, “I never knew I could love…and CRAVE salad before this!!”

The system that I use to teach Eat to Live in my coaching and all over my Youtube videos does just that: it tells you the Key 4 Hunger Busters (bulk, calories, fiber and nutrients) that we must have in order to feel satisfied with our foods — as well as how to put these key things into place with each meal.

And hey, I’m even going to give you 2 of these delicious, hunger-busting Eat to Live recipes for FREE now, in my bonus PDF that comes along with this post called, “5 Rookie Mistakes on the Eat to Live Diet”. Sign up for it here:

Myth #2: “I won’t be able to get over my sugar/carb addiction.”

Boy, do I know: this one is a real doozy. Refined sugar and flour are really powerful foods that feel like they have such a grip on us, threatening to derail any effort we put into new habits or healthy intentions.

Here’s how it’s gone for me in the past: I wake up energized and motivated. I make a delicious and healthy breakfast and feel so super satisfied after. Then I eat my perfectly prepared lunch and felt amazing about that and proud of myself too!

But maybe an hour or so after lunch, I begin to feel the rumblings of a craving start to take over my mind. The craving is very specific and begins to enlist my thoughts to take over any concentration I might have been flowing in.

And before you know it, I’m eating a huge cookie, and downing a sugar-filled latte “just to make it through” my afternoon. And right after, dangit man, I totally wish I hadn’t done that. There goes all that hard work from my first two meals! Another day, down the drain again.

Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever been in the throes of this type of pattern, you know it can be relentless and powerful. And maybe you think that this type of behavior is impossible to fix. If you’re going on past experience, this is exactly what you would conclude!

But the truth is, the Eat to Live Nutritarian diet is actually the weapon ITSELF against this type of pattern. That’s right, the FOOD ITSELF actually reduces cravings and makes it so you actually have a hope of kicking that annoying processed sugar to the curb for good.

How does it do this?

Well, the food that I teach you to eat on this lifestyle is so full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and other phytochemicals (tiny, wonderful, calorie-free components like antioxidants, bioflavonoids, etc) that help the body reduce cravings on it’s own because we no longer are starved for these necessary pieces of fuel for our bodies.

When we take in enough of this Nutritarian food, cravings start to dissipate by themselves and become much more manageable…and the best part is that you will notice this after a relatively short period of time following the plan. The more of this Nutritarian food that you eat, the easier it gets.

Can you imagine going through the REST of your LIFE not feeling that pull of addictive foods anymore…AND loving every minute of eating healthful foods you’ve always wanted to like? And best of all…knowing that this food will support your longevity, give you great energy, and keep you physically healthier than you’ve ever thought possible?

I tell you, that food freedom, peace, and harmony is worth EVERYTHING.

I’ll also let you in on a couple of other mistakes that people make when they try to incorporate this eating style into their lives. Learn what they are and how to fix them in my “5 Rookie Mistakes on the Eat to Live Diet” free download:

Myth #3: “If I lose weight, I’ll just gain it right back.”

Oh my goodness, if I had a dollar for every time this has happened to me or someone I know in my life…man, I’d be able to retire right now!

I was totally one of those people who had 2-3 sizes of clothes (for every season) stored in my closet in various places, for the various time periods I was going through.

“These are the pants for when I’m in one of those out-of-control patterns and just keep gaining weight. They are loose enough that my tummy doesn’t feel restricted no matter how much I eat.

This set of jeans is for when I finally get the will-power to exercise enough to counteract my food choices (that I still can’t control).

Here are my dresses for when I just really can’t.

And THIS is the happy area of my closet that contains all the clothes I’ve only ever fit into for a day or two after some fad diet (Master Cleanse, anyone?) that I only dream about wearing again someday. Because I know I’ll never fit into them again…just regularly and without struggle.”

Can you relate? Ugh, it’s the worst!

But, now!!

I’m one of those people who hasn’t visited those larger sizes of clothes since I was pregnant!

And I’m one of those people who didn’t fear weight-gain in pregnancy at all. Because I knew I had the tools to lose it again, healthfully and easily. And I have. (In fact, I’ve lost MORE than my pre-pregnancy weight, LESS than 9 months later.)

Wow, how good it feels to get back into your favorite clothes that look slim and flattering, but not because they have a bunch of shapewear expertly crafted in…but because they actually fit!

And what I found with Eat to Live has been the TRUE answer to this issue. It’s been the one “diet plan” that has made all the difference. It’s been the only lifestyle that I actually felt good about pursuing and maintaining, and it has been the only one that has allowed me to be happy with my food choices and not feel crazy trying to get on track over and over again, week after week, month after month.

It just works.

See, as with any lifestyle change, it’s going to require some big shifts in our lives to help us change for good. But the good news is that it’s not some unsustainable fad that relies on a weird set of rules that we can’t live with. The advice that I give is very basic, intuitive, simple and healthy, and once we get it down, it’s actually SET UP to help us maintain our success for life.

Eat to Live food is about abundance, not restriction. We get to eat large quantities of these specific foods, so we will be full and getting what we need, which is the opposite of other diets, where restriction and portion-control is key.

Not only does the food taste great, but the science is solid to back up the evidence as to WHY. It’s not just a gimmick. Add that to the fact that the food itself helps us reduce cravings for our old foods, and you’ve got a seriously stable foundation that you can maintain for life.

Learn the 1 mistake that people make time and time again that has them scratching their heads on why they just can’t lose the weight. it’s so simple, but elusive. I’ll tell you about it (and how to fix it) in my “5 Rookie Mistakes on the Eat to Live Diet” PDF. Get that here:

Myth #4 “It takes too much time and effort to eat this way.”

If someone tries to tell you that ANY lifestyle change is easy, run the other way. They don’t call it a “lifestyle change” for nothing! :)

The idea itself is big and will take effort, for sure. Any lifestyle change requires some discomfort. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that it will be easy or simple, or that it will happen overnight because none of these things are true (though you might lose your first few pounds overnight!).

But what I can tell you is that there are tips and techniques that I have learned over time, to reduce our time spent on making this transition. This is what my business is all about — making the principles of the Eat to Live lifestyle crystal clear, so that you know just what to do and how to go about doing it.

Once we become familiar with the techniques to succeed, our learning curve reduces dramatically and we no longer have to work so hard. It becomes second nature and easily sustainable.

This the mission of my systems: to organize these tools for you, so we can all reach our goals and get back to the stuff that really matters to us: like spending time with our families and friends, relaxing or doing our favorite hobbies.

Here are some of my favorite quick tips and time-saving hacks for how to make this lifestyle easier:

  • Choose 1 recipe per week and make that to expand your repertoire consistently, but not in an overwhelming way.
  • Invest in the right equipment for your journey to make cooking and prepping a LOT easier and faster.
  • Take a week or two and follow a meal plan for each meal. You’ll save money and time in the long-run, with all the leftovers you can have later, you’ll learn a TON and many of the new recipes will become your go-to’s.
  • Make dishes that create a lot of leftovers like casseroles and soups (my favs, btw!). For instance, make 1 new soup each week for 3 weeks, and eat for many meals after that!
  • Buy “convenience” Nutritarian foods at the grocery store, like pre chopped veggies, bagged/pre-washed greens and frozen fruits and veggies to drastically cut your prep time, and most of the time with little to no nutrient loss!
  • Take just 20-30 minutes per week to prep 4-5 different veggies (some raw, some roasted, some steamed), open, rinse and drain a can of beans and store all in the fridge. Then, lunch time salads only take 5 minutes to make each day because you can just pile whatever combinations you like on top of bagged salad greens!

Keep reading…now that you know the 4 Eat to Live myths, I’ve created a DETAILED, free cheat sheet to help you get started on our your healthy journey, once and for all!

My wish for you is to sidestep the countless traps that make most diets epic disasters, and instead learn how to create true, long-term, sustainable health and weight-loss in your life.

I’ve been doing Eat to Live myself for over 5 years now and I’ve made MANY mistakes along the way. You don’t need to do the same! I’ve compiled a list of 5 of my biggest Eat to Live mistakes over the years and how to avoid them before you even get started. Click here now to get that list!