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Egg Nog is my absolute favorite thing about the holiday season. Hands-down. I’m a die-hard fan. One year when I worked in a building with a donut shop downstairs, I ordered an eggnog latte almost every single day. I ordered them so often, that the lady proprietor stocked up on the last of the eggnog from the store just so she should continue to make my drink for me as long as possible after the eggnog left the store shelves.

It’s kind of an addiction.

And I love that adding just one liquor can take the drink from creamy, family soothing drink to awesome party drink in 2 seconds. So I’ve collected the easiest ways to make the drink, 3 of my favorites, and put them into one video for you to make it easy on all of us! Liquor and eggnog is the kind of drink that greases the wheels at the family party, if you get what I mean. So indulge and have fun!

And happy holidays, everyone.

3 Hard Eggnog Cocktail Recipes