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Creamy Vegan Potato Chowder Soup Recipe

This: Creamy Vegan Potato Chowder. I mean, what else is there to say? :P Ok I'm not gonna blab a lot on this one like I do for most of my posts, lol. I'm just gonna cut to the chase: It is winter, it's cold and I just really wanted something super comforting without a...

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Cabbage and Mushroom Buckwheat Pasta | Vegan

This recipe came to my head the other day when I was craving pasta and realized I had a package of soba noodles (buckwheat pasta) in my pantry that I'd never used before. I wanted to see what it was like and this recipe was born! How Healthy Is This Cabbage and...

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“Cheesy” Kale Salad Recipe | Vegan | Nutritarian

Ok guys, so I've been posting about this salad a LOT on my social media lately because it is my absolute favorite way to eat kale right now. I eat it almost every single day. I've gotten a lot of questions about the recipe, so I thought I'd put it down formally to get...

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Coconut Pomegranate Cherry Smoothie Recipe

WARNING: If you even so much as TRY this recipe, I cannot be held liable for the havoc that it wreaks on your happiness meter. But I can guarantee you that your reaction will be off the charts. :P I made this recipe up in my head while I was creating an Instagram...

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The Easiest Roasted Garlic Recipe Ever | No Oil | No Salt

The Easiest Roasted Garlic (No Oil, No Salt!) A good friend of mine recently told me a story about a small dinner gathering with some new friends. As they chatted, the hostess poked her head out of the kitchen to ask, “Does anyone here believe there is such a thing as...

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Roasted Pumpkin Seeds | No Oil | No Salt | Nutritarian

Heyyyy guys!! Today I asked my awesome friend and The Watering Mouth tech-genius, DeAnna, to do a guest post for the site. Check out what she had to say on one of my favorite subjects: pumpkin seeds! Then there's the recipe and video from me below, just like always!!...

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