Phil’s Pasta Tuna Salad #SundaySupper — Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

So I’m lucky enough to be a part of the #SundaySupper movement started by Isabel at Family Foodie, which endeavors to bring back Sunday supper around the family table. I love this goal and think that every family should be striving for this as often as possible. Every week Isabel chooses a theme, and this week it is, of course, Father’s Day! So I thought I would bring to you a recipe that reminds me of my father so much — his famous pasta tuna salad. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!

I ate this with my family as a meal for my whole life growing up — and my Dad still eats it often to this day. The best part of sharing this recipe with you was getting to call my Dad and ask him for the recipe. I felt so lucky that we could share this together, and had to laugh at the end of the conversation when he said, “Great, Cher, now I’m gonna have to have this for dinner tonight!” because I’d sparked his appetite. The apple doesn’t fall so far from the tree…here’s a video of me making this, with the full recipe just below!

[youtube id=”qqbh8ZKSYSE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Phil’s Pasta Tuna Salad
1 lb pasta, shells or elbow macaroni (me and Dad prefer shells)
1 12 oz can tuna
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup frozen peas (or more!)
2 tbsp finely minced Vidalia onion (optional)

Measure out peas and cover them with tepid water to begin to thaw them. Cook pasta according to directions. In the meantime, mix together in large mixing bowl tuna, mayonnaise, now-just-cold peas, and minced onion. Spread mixture along outsides of bowl and place bowl in freezer while pasta is cooking to bring to cold temperature. Drain pasta and rinse under cold water to bring pasta to cool temperature. Bring out mixing bowl from freezer, and mix the pasta in evenly with the tuna mixture. Ta-daaaaa!!


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  1. Nice video and recipe! Thanks for sharing this for Father’s Day #SundaySupper

  2. Well, that video was not only adorable, but you are so entertaining!

    I’m craving this salad now. My dad used to make something very similar too! YUM!

  3. Hi Cheri,

    Through the course of this Father’s Day, I’m determined to read every bloggers beautiful post. It’s refreshing to see a video, and I enjoyed watching yours! As it happens, tuna salad is one of my dad’s favorite dishes too! Wonderful post. Love your blog, too.


  4. Such and easy and lovely recipe!!Will be making this very soon, my husband would love it :)

  5. Well, first of all…you are just too adorable. I can just feel the love through the video. What a wonderful Father’s Day tribute. :) And second, this reminds me of a pasta salad that I grew up with and haven’t eaten in ages. You filled me with nostalgia. I don’t think we had tuna in ours, though?? I’ll be trying this one over the summer, for sure.

  6. That was such a fun video! I want to make videos soon. I just have to get my act together!!

  7. Sounds good and simple! I will need to try it.

  8. OMG Your laughter is infectious!!! The tuna salad looks/sounds gooey and delicious!!! Thanks for sharing it with is for #SundaySupper!

  9. A simple recipe with a few ingredients, two things that I love, can’t wait to try it.

  10. Yes, it IS perfect. And who cares if mayo is healthy…

  11. This sounds easy enough for us to make! The girls have yet to try a cold pasta salad but it would be great for the park tour we are taking this summer.

  12. Cherie,
    We are so glad you have you join #sundaysupper! Love your recipes and your contagious enthusiasm!

  13. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog!

  14. Your tuna salad is the perfect #SudaySupper! May family loves it, especially my youngest son Red.

  15. I love this recipe. I never learned how to make tuna salad so this is great for me. Now I can whip it up when we have my family visit.

  16. Lovely video !!! and nice recipe !! I like simple and easy ! Thanks for sharing :)

  17. I hate being on camera, so kudos! I’ll just stick to behind the scenes ;)

    Love the simplicity! I never thought of pairing tuna and pasta salad. My dad would love this too. Thanks for sharing :)

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