Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Hot Buttered Rum
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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Hot Buttered Rum

Drinker’s Note: If you need liquor fast, I suggest skipping the following and just taking a shot straight from the bottle. In this case, I’d use Disaronno Amaretto personally, but the rum from below will work, too. However, if you’re not in crisis mode and want to follow this recipe, you need to make this part beforehand so it has time to freeze if you want to serve it to others. Heehee.

I found this recipe on Miss Charming’s website.
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun with Hot Buttered Rum
1 bottle       Rum
1/4 lb          butter
1/2 lb          dark brown sugar
1/2 gal        vanilla ice cream
ice cube trays
coffee mugs
hot water

In a saucepan over medium-low heat, add the butter and sugar and stir until melted and mixed. Then, add the half-gallon of ice cream and stir to melt and mix all of this together.

Take mixture off the heat and pour into ice cube trays. Put these in the freezer for when you want a fancy, indulgent treat later!

Hot Buttered Rum

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To Make a Hot Buttered Rum:

Put one of your cubes in a coffee mug, and add hot water and a shot of rum. Adjust the amount of rum proportionately to how your week went. Example: week was good = add 1 shot of rum. Week was crap = add 2+ shots.

Ways to spice it up:
Consider steeping a maple flavored tea bag as well to add some extra flavor.
Use a dark or flavored rum. We always have Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Coconut Rum in our house because we can mix it so many other things for an awesome treat. I think this would go well in your Hot Buttered Rum!


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  1. is the amount of Ice Cream 1/4 gallon, as the ingredients list states, or 1/2 gallon, as the directions state?

    • Good eye, Mary, sorry about that typo! It’s supposed to be 1/2 gallon – I have changed the ingredient list to reflect this! Thank you!

  2. Sounds fab! wish i was younger and did not this diabetes thing —the butter part is disturbing

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