OMG That Cookie Cup! The Mouth-Watering Edible Cookie Cup

Edible Cookie Cup Enrique Luis Sardi Lavazza

Updated: March 30, 2014

This is such a cool idea!! This edible cookie cup was the creation of a Venezuelan designer named Enrique Luis Sardi which was made for Lavazza, the famous Italian coffee company. It’s so ingenius – he made it using a cookie for the outside and a special patented sugar icing on the inside. Dual purpose – it creates an insulator for the cookie and add sweetness to the coffee! I found this on Facebook a while back and had to repost it. I got a great comment from a fan named Rosemary who lives in Italy and says that they sell a version that is lined with chocolate!

And I say to that: YUM. I will definitely have to attempt to fail at making that and then just eat the pieces. Ha!

Edible Cookie Cup Enrique Luis Sardi Lavazza

What I love the most about this cup is that the sugar icing creates a really strong barrier between the hot coffee and the cookie part. No one wants a mushy cup that falls apart and spills all over you! It would be great to find out more about how to make this from scratch.  

I’ve been experimenting with some weird ingredients but so far haven’t been very successful. 

That chocolate lined cookie cup from Dominque Ansel (the Cronut Creator) that’s been making the rounds lately and was first announced at SXSW, I have to admit… is rather quite unimpressive. It’s just a cookie cup lined with chocolate. The thing is, it’s not made for hot stuff, and this is why I like Sardi’s cup so much more. And Ansel says you’re only supposed to shoot cold milk with it, which yeah, sounds okay, until you realize that process is all backwards. Milk is SUPPOSED to soften the cookie, because otherwise what’s the point of dipping?

cookie shot cookie cup dominque ansel

I’ll tell you what I first thought when I saw Ansel’s creation — it would go better with Bailey’s Irish Cream shots than milk!

 But back to Sardi’s cup. Check these photos out!

Edible Cookie Cup Enrique Luis Sardi Lavazza


Edible Cookie Cup by Enrique Luis Sardi

UPDATE from back in June 2013: I am now in contact with the designer of this cup and I am told that it will be in production sometime soon. Don’t have much more information than that, but I will keep you posted as I learn more!

In the meantime, here is a different kind of edible cup that you may like!

[all images copyright Sardi Innovations]

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  1. Where can I buy these great designed cookie coffee cups from Lavazza here in NYC?

  2. How fun!! I would love to try something like this.

  3. Hi Daniel! Actually, I don’t think they’re for sale…I think they were more of a novelty, but I am going to try to make some with chocolate in the inside so you might be able to produce them yourself….if you’re crafty! :D

  4. Don’t they look like fun??

  5. I love it…That guy is a Genius !!!!

  6. It is sustainable as well, you don’t have to use plastic cups for take away and harm the environment by disposing of them!(recycling is not always a choice..)

  7. So agreed Glouglou! What’s not to like?! :D

  8. where’s the recipe?

  9. I fing the cookie cup very interesting. May I know how to make it? Since it is not for sale???

  10. Hi Cheri, I saw these cups on on facebook and was so intreaged I’ve been searching the net trying to find the recipe and or mold to create some for a monthly gathering. they look great and Enrique Luis Sardi should be very proud. Do you know where I may obtain anymore information on how to create my own.

    Thank you so much for your post

  11. Perfection!!! … Smart, beautiful, clever, ecological, business… Just PERFECT FROM EVERY SIDE.

  12. Isn’t it amazing?? More to come from this awesome designer….stay tuned!

  13. Hi Dave! Thanks so much for your question. I don’t have a recipe yet, but I am working on one! Mine won’t be sugar on the inside, it will probably be chocolate… stay tuned! :D

  14. Actually a little birdie at the company tells me that it may be for sale soon…I will edit this post when I find out more! :)

  15. Yea, I latched onto this pretty quickly myself! I want to stay in the loop for any ideas on how to make them. Thanks for sharing!

  16. wow i hope we can get the recipe! looks so cool! nutella inside would be yummmmmmmmmmmmy please let me know if you hear more! thanks :)

  17. I would be interested in the recipe/mold also. Thanks

  18. OMG !!! We searched information about this guy!!! We are amazed, Helicopters, CellPhones, Food, Coffee Cups, Motorcycles, Industrial machines, ….PURE POWER ….

  19. I have to– have to– have these!! Perfect for my coffee mixers! My customers and partners will just….EAT THEM UP!! Any futher info would be greatly appreciated as you learn more :)

  20. I must have please!! Costa rica coffee inside would be best. Specially doka estate

  21. HI Everyone, I dont think the coffee cups will work if you use nutella as nutella is soft and will melt very quickly with hot coffee. Even the chocolate inside may not work.

  22. This is awesome! Just drink & eat no more washing! I’m kiddin’ i’m that lazy, but it’s really a great idea for coffee shops and i will be great for environnement too!

  23. I wonder if the drink you would pour into it can really be hot. And in that case, if it is easy and comfortable to carry, without, for instance, getting burned. But I have to admit it is an innovative design. Also, wouldn’t the cookie slightly alter the taste of the drink ? Apparently not ! (According to your update which I just read).

  24. I could give up on the handle (although it does add something), how could you just make a hollow cookie cup like that? Instead of putting liquid coffee inside and needing a coating to keep the cookie from getting wet I’d fill them with a mocha ganache.

  25. Actually Ivan! I think it does add sweetness… But I think that why it’s so great. The one I’m attempting is going to have a chocolate interior and I don’t know if I will work but it will be delicious to try! :)

  26. That sounds great Warren… Or chocolate mousse even, in that case. I was thinking of using the bottom of cupcake pans… I’ve seen that floating around the Internet for a while… Gonna try that…

  27. We are producing a slightly different version of this at our Bakery. Yes, Cheri, we have found the chocolate to be more stable in the cup. The difficult part was the cup recipe itself but we finally achieved the right consistency. Love your blog!!

  28. can i have this recipe,i don’t see it on here.

  29. Awesome Tim – anything you might be able to share with us? Thanks!! :D

  30. He reminds me “the crazy ones” (90’s Apple advertisement)

    “…Here’s to the crazy ones. The
    misfits. The rebels. The ones
    who see things differently.
    They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the
    status quo. You can quote them,
    disagree with them, glorify or
    vilify them. But the only thing
    you can’t do is ignore them.
    Because they change things. They push the human race
    forward. While some may see
    them as the crazy ones, we see
    genius. Because the people who
    are crazy enough to think they
    can change the world, are the ones who do….”

    Brilliant projects, he should be sponsored by a millionaire. Amazing.

  31. Hi Tim,

    did it really work for you?

  32. Found on was developed in 2003! On the they have the cookie cup under Creative Laboratory link –

  33. figure out the recipe soon!!! i want it soooo bad!

  34. Absolutely enchanted by these and would love to know when they are available in the US.

  35. As many of you I discovered the photo through Facebook and I have been searching how to get this smart, tasty, fashion must have edible cookie coffee cup since then. Cheri, you made my day with your blog giving so much info and caring about getting the recipe, the mould, … and sharing it with us. I just can’t wait, though I guess it won’t be easy. Thanks a bunch!

  36. oh i love this idea! and i can’t find anything diy like it- i am going to try making something similar. granted with out the handle it shouldn’t be that hard. i have made cookie cups using cookie dough thinly pressed to the side of muffin tins or inside of washed soup cans that i use for icecream.

  37. Dawn – thank you so much for your ideas. Good luck!!! Please let us know if you figure something out :D

  38. Would love to make something like this. Please post recipe if anyone figures anything out. I will try also and post if I come up with something.

  39. Hi Cheri,
    I am in love with this cup, even I know it only from the photos.
    You wrote sometime ago, that you have been trying to contact the designer – do you think we can look forward to some kind of recipe soon? This would be great X-mass holiday treat… Thanks so much,

  40. HI Kat Ka! Thanks so much for writing. I have to order a special ingredient to see if I can make it work, so I’m still in the testing phase. :D I will email everyone who has commented as soon as I’ve figured something out. But it probably (unfortunately) won’t be in time for the holidays I’m afraid.


  41. I’m about to order the gum Arabic and start playing

    If you figure out the recipe, copy me in on it! Thanks! Signed, a fellow foodie

  42. Will do, thanks so much Woo woo!! :D Let me know if you figure anything out!

  43. OMG cookies cup with chocolate inside! Can’t wait for the recipe!! ^^

  44. Cookie Monster

    For sale yet? Me want cookie!

  45. Good evening, my name is Jindra, I’m from the Czech Republic. I would like to share with you information if I get some. I would also like to taste the coffee and chocolate roast their own cup. Today I asked a lot of very clever confectioner for help with a recipe for cup frosting and etc. If you will know what to do, so I will write you immediately. Please do the same to you. Sincerely Jindra.

  46. Thank you Jindra!

  47. Would love to know the recipe to make these your self. Keep me updated

  48. Hi Cheri,
    I could achieve a quite similar version of this cup. The only problem I couldn’t solve yet is the insulation. I tried with an icing sugar and white of egg glacè but it doesn’t last more than few minutes before the coffe starts to get into the dough. Did the chocolate insulation work? Did you template the chocolate? Cheers! Daniel

  49. I would love the recipe for the cookie cup

  50. Please let me know if these are being sold

  51. In box me please when you can get these cups or email the link please where I can buy some from

  52. therealinsider

    Lavazza no longer has rights to the cup. Mr. Sardi will be taking down their name from the cup. All will be revealed soon.

  53. Hi Cheri,
    These look awesome, sorry I am a bit behind the times
    I would love to make these, has anyone discovered a recipe?

  54. heres what we found !! Sardi is partnered with a different company in USA and is not doing it with Lavazza anymore

  55. Thanks for posting this! I too was intrigued by this gorgeous creation! Spent my Saturday looking for the pics & recipe after seeing the picture on Facebook more than 6 months ago! I need the mold and recipe as well! It would absolutely seem to compliment the John Wayne shot I order at Starbucks!

  56. This is such an AWESOME idea!!!!! I could see these in my xmas gift bags to my sons teachers!!!!! Lets HURRY UP & MAKE THESE SO THE PUBLIC CAN BUY THEM!!!!! Im sure its gonna be. HOT item to buy when it FINALLY comes out!!!!

  57. Do you know where you can buy these?