DIY Peppermint Shot Glasses / Cups [#video]


DIY shot glasses are probably my favorite thing in the whole world, and these being DIY Peppermint shot glasses makes me even happier.

I totally love the idea of coming up with a glass you can make yourself, and everyone has fun at parties when they get to create something cute and functional….


Okay, who am I kidding? I just like to drink, and this gives me more of an excuse to do it, amirite or amirite???

So I’ve got a few other cool ideas rolling around in my head that I’m going to post when I can, but for now, I wanted to do something holiday-ish, and it’s the perfect time of year for peppermint stuff, ya heard!


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The Inspiration

One of my fav drinks is a peppermint mocha from that green devil that everyone knows about. So that’s where the inspiration came from, because really I just wanted to do something with that flavor combination. And the add alcohol and VOILA! Everyone you know suddenly loves you.

Unrelated Sidenote: Is it bad to get my self-esteem from how drunk I can get my friends?

Moving on. So Christmas thoughts danced in my head, and I thought CANDY CANES!!! I looked up a YouTube video to see if it was possible to shape something out of candy canes and IT IS!


Why Not Candy Canes?

Then I experimented with the best materials (do you know how hard it is to find candy canes in October??) and ultimately went with just the regular, round peppermint candies for a lot of reasons:

  • Candy cane shapes aren’t as easy to make cute for pictures
  • Melting white candy canes always turned out darker/yellower than I wanted for the pictures
  • They were harder to get into a uniform shape
  • I’m sure you could crush them and melt that, but then you lose the whole point of using candy canes
  • But here’s a cute Valentine’s idea (original vid I watched to get the oven temp) anyway, and then you can get lost in a spiral of cute candy cane ideas after that good luck dont say i didnt warn you
  • I tried out the large and small sizes of candy canes and if you use large, you need to fill the inside with 2 smaller ones, or break up a full one and put it in the middle so it will melt out and get rid of any holes
  • If you use the colored candy canes, remember, they’re usually flavored, so you’ll want to think about that when deciding what liquid/liquor to use (watermelon flavor with watermelon vodka, anyone??)


So yeah, the reason I don’t like using candy canes is purely cosmetic. They work for the most part, they’re just not cute.

candy cane fail image


Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 4.30.26 PM

also lol, shot glass using candy canes, not so much

For Kids, Too!

Because the whole point here is that we want to make super functional, cute shot glass (or just a cup) that we can drink out of.

Using mints versus candy canes means they’ll be a uniform, thick shape and they work like 19 out of 20 times.

And the absolute best part is that it’s not just for shot glasses. You can totally use these just for cups too. And my favorite part is that, I did test that with some homemade hot chocolate (almond milk, powdered sugar, cocoa powder) and then poured it into the cup and it TOTALLY WORKED. AND IT MADE MY HOT CHOCOLATE ALL PEPPERMINTY!!! (but keep in mind, the glasses have to be warm too, or they’ll crack)

*mind blown*

So yeah.

Do that before you use them as shot glasses, otherwise you will fail from being tipsy. And then you can make this cute craft with your kids too and will win the coveted Parent of the Year Award. Or not. Because that doesn’t exist.


The Important Stuff

So after much testing, here are the things you need to know:

  • I tried using different amounts of candies and the best amount was 7, so you have a good solid shape, big enough for a full shot
  • However: Using 4 makes really small “cups” which are actually cute and usable for like holding mints or M&Ms or something
  • If you refrigerate these, they can become sticky, but if you leave them out overnight, they get less sticky
  • MOST IMPORTANT TIP OF ALL: The liquid you use MUST BE the same temperature as the cup/shot glass or else it will crack and leak
  • I used Publix brand “Starlight Mints” so I can only attest to how these work, but you can buy Brach’s brand here



Okay for real, here is an important point: this isn’t something kids should do. When these come out of the oven, you only have about a minute where they’re malleable enough to work with them, so you WILL end up burning your fingers a bit – they are damn hot! And you’ve got to work quickly. They’re really too hot for kids to do. After testing these for a day (about 20 of them), the next day I couldn’t do more than 2 of them, because my fingers hurt so bad.

Sidenote: A cold beer on hand nearby helps tremendously for cooling down fingers after making one or two of these. Not that I resorted to that or anything… :P


best helper/present ever

Now, I didn’t get like BURNT burnt, but just know that it doesn’t feel great to make them. So, it’s actually a cool idea to have your friends do it with you and they can shape their own glasses, take the stress (read: pain) out of having to do them all yourself.

And they can be made ahead of time, but they tend to get a tiny bit sticky, fyi. Not a deal-breaker, they still “serve their purpose”, if ya know what I mean…



Liquid inside gets all pepperminty

About the Liquid Temperature

  • So, if you’re going to drink cold liquid from these (vodka out of the freezer?), your shot glasses need to have been refrigerated before (or in the freezer for a few minutes).
  • If you’re drinking room temperature liquid (Bailey’s/Kahlua/Disaronno/Frangelico, anyone? Yes, I think I will…brb.), make sure your glasses are at room temperature. Mine cracked out of the fridge when I put room temp liquid in (testing for journalistic integrity, of course).
  • And if you’re drinking hot chocolate, you HAVE TO use the peppermint cups warm, like right after you’ve made them. I tried it with cold ones, and the glasses cracked.

Use the right temperature liquid

ALRIGHT ALREADY, here’s the instructions:

DIY Peppermint Shot Glasses / Cups Recipe
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
These are great to be used as cups for hot chocolate or chocolate milk for the kids, or the perfect size for adult-beverage shots. :) Have several people help you at once so you can do more at a time, as one person can only physically make 2-3 at a time.
Recipe type: drinks
Serves: 1 shot glass/cup
  1. Preheat your oven to 300F. Higher temperatures result in uneven melting and yellowing of the candy.
  2. Cut a square of parchment paper roughly 6" x 6" for each glass you will make. This will make it much easier to peel off the paper if you're doing more that one.
  3. Place your parchment paper on a cookie sheet and then arrange 7 candies tightly in a flower shape by placing one candy in the middle, and the other 6 touching all around, tightly with no gaps. Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes. Keep an eye on it through the window, if you can.
  4. Time is of the essence with this last step! Remove the tray from the oven and place on a pot holder next to your upside-down shot glass. Have something cold (like a beer) nearby to soothe your fingers if they get too hot. Pick up the parchment paper (it's not hot) and set it on the counter close to the shot glass. Let it cool for about 10 seconds. Pick up the parchment and let it hang vertically. Start to peel off the edge of the candy quickly, and once it's able to be peeled off, just let it fall upside down on the countertop. This helps it from folding over and ruining your effort. Now quickly! Pick up the candy and place it, bottom side touching the shot glass. It will naturally fold over the bottom of the shot glass, but then you'll have to help it along by folding it further so it forms a cup shape. Once it reaches a certain point, it's impossible to shape it anymore, so be prepared to work very quickly.
  5. If it's too hot, it will melt down the glass like a Dali painting, which maybe a cool effect for some, but hurts your fingers more. If it cools too much, it won't be malleable at all. May take a couple tries to get the timing right.
  6. Let it cool until it's just warm to the touch. Be gentle and just pop it off the glass, no oil or spray required. You may have to twist a tiny bit to get it to release.
  7. Serve your drink of choice in the cups. They're reusable!

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  1. I’m thinking you can save your hands by keeping the candy on the parchment paper. Pick up the paper so it’s flat on your hand, put the glass over the middle and flip. If it’s still too hot for that, use a pot holder.

  2. I love this idea and I love your humor…not to mention the fact that I like beer and shots…that goes without saying! Sooo, I will try this. I have made serving plates from these candies using an aluminum pie plate. That was fun…then place candies and cookies on top. Great little gift.

  3. I triée the candy and the marshmallow shot and both of them didn’t work…

  4. Very Cool Cheri! We are doing them right now! I told you I had to go to the store now! LOL
    The brand of peppermint does matter. Since we live WAAAAAAY out in the country. I went to the local gas station/store and bought four bags of the 2 for $2 cheep peppermints. They can’t go the 10 minutes. They turned to liquid. So, we are adjusting the time and only doing a couple at a time so we don’t waste too much! Thanks for the instructions and the tips! You rock!

  5. CHEAP! not cheep! LOL

  6. Lynn!! Thank you so much for commenting!! Especially about the quality of the mints. I had a feeling that might play a part. Did you end up getting them to work or not so much??

  7. Oh thank you Victoria! Love that idea!!

  8. I tried that Dawn and that would work okay, except then you get the ugly side out for the glass. I needed the pretty side out for my photo, but you could save your hands more that way, for sure! :D

  9. Awesome idea!! I made these today using foil instead of parchment and it cut the cooking time down to about 8 minutes. Also works using cinnamon and butterscotch hard candies, just took a full 10 minutes to cook and will taste yummy with rum and whiskey shots :-) These will be the highlight of the holiday with my in laws tomorrow! Thanks Cheri!

  10. Love this idea I saved it I am going to try this with my husband

  11. GREAT to know Candace, thank you so much for sharing! A friend of mine was wondering about butterscotch and I was able to tell her YES! based on your advice. :D

  12. So glad you love them Cathy! Thanks!

  13. A few minutes and walla cinnamon shot glasses for Fireball shots New Years Eve

  14. Although it seems most of the comments have come from the Ladies, please allow a Southern Gent to chime in. Marvelous idea! (And a very ingenious method of beneficial disposal of the numerous peppermint candies left behind by departing relatives.) I seldom work with the oven – focusing more on the grill and smoker – but when I encountered your shot glass recipe this am: All bets were off!
    Much to my surprise – and to my slowly awakening spouse as well – it WORKED!!! Not as pretty and uniform as yours, but a successful beta-run at the production. Just in time for the EOY festivities tomorrow eve.
    Thank you for sharing – and may I say I enjoy and appreciate your enthusiasm and delivery!!
    Keep the great ideas coming!!

  15. Ahhhh I am SOOOOO glad to get your message here, Ken, what a smile it put on my face!! :D So glad to have a Southern Gent around here to balance out all the estrogen! :P I am also so glad to hear they worked out for you — here’s to a fun New Years Eve party!! YAY!

  16. YESSSSS. That would definitely work! :D

  17. Really cool. How would you go about heating them if you are using for hot chocolate?

  18. Thanks Liz. You could try microwaving them a bit, though I don’t have one so I can’t test it for you. Otherwise, do like I did and use them right after you’ve formed them, and they’ll still be warm. :D

  19. You remind me of me!!!

  20. Just a quick question can you leave these in the fridge overnight ? Is it best to make before a party or can you do them the night before ? if I did put theses in the fridge should I fill the shot glasses with the liquid before or after I take them out before the party ?

  21. Thanks for your question — I tried that and they got all sticky in there. But then I took them out and they got drier after awhile. Fill the shot glasses just when you’re ready to use them. They get gummy otherwise.

  22. Could you put the parchment in a mini muffin pan and rhen add the peppermints as described above and bake?

  23. How about heating these in a silicone muffin pan – then once melted place SECOND muffin pan on top & push into individual cups to form the “cups” – no burnt fingers and same result!

  24. How long will these keep? Any idea? I was wondering if they’d work for serving white chocolate mousse.

  25. When I put my peppermint in the oven it doesn’t melt flat it boils

  26. I have discovered if you have a small shot glass that fits just barely inside a bigger shot glass, you can press the candy easier, and save your fingers. Just put the candy puddle over the small shot glass and gently fit the larger one on top and slowly press down.

  27. FANTASTIC TIP!! Thank you so much!!! xo

  28. I’m sorry that’s happening Beloved! That happened to me once when I used an off-brand peppermint candies. I had to get the good ones! Let me know if that helps!

  29. These will keep for a couple of days. Any longer than that and mine became kinda sticky.

  30. Could very well work! Don’t have those materials myself but let me know!! xo

  31. Not sure Jamie — but let me know if it works for you!

  32. I’m currently waiting on my 5th in the oven and I seem to have come up with a bit of a system that saves my fingers..

    When I take it out of the oven, I put it on the counter still on the parchment, throw another piece of parchment over top, and use the countertop to my advantage by cooling down the outer layer. I flip the whole thing back and forth until I’ve picked the side that I think is the prettiest and if I notice any holes, I use the bottom of the shot glasses to squish the candy around between the layers of parchment. By cooling down the outside but keeping the middle warm, it’s malleable but the parchment peels off easily (off the “ugly” side) and it doesn’t burn as much. Then I squish it onto my shot glass with the parchment still on the outside (pretty side) and form it. Once it’s cooled down around the shot glass, I peel the outer layer of parchment and it looks great!

    I have granite countertops so they’re pretty darn cold, but a plate thrown in the fridge while the candy is in the oven might do the trick too.

    Just thought I’d share the tip to save others some pain haha

  33. Just curious what brands you have found to work best?

  34. I think brand name Brach’s worked the best. When I tried the generic Publix store brand (grocery store in Florida) they bubbled and the colors got messed up.

  35. Kristine – you are amazing!! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise!! XOXOXXO!!!!

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