BLT Cocktail

You read that right. A BLT Cocktail. As in, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato! Apparently, there is a lounge in Alexandria, VA called PX. And at this lounge/speakeasy, they will serve a cocktail fashioned after the classic American lunch delicacy!! Woman’s Day originally posted this cocktail in an article from back in 2009, so this may or may not be outdated, but with the recipe, you can surely create this at home – doesn’t that sound deeeelicious?! I would love to know if they are still doing this and what you think of it if you live nearby there.

To create this at home, all you need is some bacon-infused vodka + tomato water + ice cubes made from lettuce water + glass rimmed with bacon salt and you’re in business! The business of creating disgusting cocktails, that is. Congratulations!

What do you think? Is this a drink that you’d like to try or share with all your friends? Or at least tell them it’s watermelon vodka and see what happens when they take a sip?!


[image via PX Lounge]

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  1. I have to admit, as much as I love traditional on-the-bread BLTs, I am not liking the sound of this one….So many flavored infused vodkas these days…I have only tried lemon. I really would be hard pressed to try “bacon” LOLOL
    but thanks for keeping me constantly amused and interested!
    You are such a breath of fresh air!

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