Monday is Tamas’ birthday!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYY!!!!!!

FYI, I’m not cheering because it’s his birthday, I’m cheering because he’s finally going to turn 30, like I did back in July. :D HA!

Birthday Cake Shots

But seriously, birthdays are a big deal around here – we love this stuff! We’re having a big old party with friends to celebrate and I have concocted this fantastic shot to help out with the festivities!! I call this the Birthday Cake Shot. Inspired by a recent trip to the good old liquor store, I picked up a couple of flavors of vodka (seriously, there’re way too many available nowadays) that I wanted to try. And the crazy part was, when I was thinking up a shot for Tamas, I remembered I had these two perfect flavors to go together, and his drink was born!!

We tend to do a lot of shots when we’re with friends. It’s more of a Hungarian thing that I’ve noticed. Really, it’s kinda crazy. I’ve taken way more shots in this last 4 years of marriage than I ever did in my entire 4 years at college (not saying much, however, I barely drank in college, no really!). But I’m lucky enough to get to take shots of great Palinka now mostly, which is a traditional, famous Hungarian moonshine. But this weekend, no, we’re going all out with some artificially-flavored, frou frou vodka shot concoctions!! Here’s the video to describe the recipe:

Birthday Cake Shot Recipe

1 part white cake vodka, chilled
1 part dark chocolate vodka, chilled
dollop of whipped cream
sprinkles (optional)
candle, cut to 3/4″ length

Mix equal parts liquor in a shot glass. Use a piping bag to pipe the whipped cream on top of the shot. Dot sprinkles on top of the whipped cream. Insert candle in cream and light. MAKE A WISH AND SHOOT!

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