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How to Prevent Guacamole from Turning Brown [VIDEO]

how to prevent guacamole from turning brown

It’s not every day that I’m a freaking genius. But sometimes I certainly have my moments.  MacGyvering a piece of tissue paper to serve as a bathing suit anyone?!! Okay, yeah, I never did that. But boy, I bet Boyfriend wouldn’t mind me trying…   Alright, topic at hand! My beloved guacamole… I definitely have a thing for guacamole (unless ... Read More »

How to Segment an Orange for Salad

how to segment an orange for salad kitchen hack-2

Last year, I started eating these fabulously humongous salads, like bigger than your head! The kinds of salads where you get halfway through and you’re absolutely stuffed. And then you just. keep. chugging on cause, man…SALADS ARE A SYMPHONY OF NUTRIENTS! YAYY. #nutrientsforthewin But when you eat salads that big, you have to be efficient with preparing them because they ... Read More »

Baby Guinness Shot

baby guinness shot recipe-2

Happy St. Patrick’s Day coming up! YAHOO! I freaking love holidays. I’m really looking forward to this year again when I can chill at my bestie’s for their annual Sullivan St. Patty’s Day party. Every year, they deck out their awesome barn with all things Irish and entertain like 30,000 of their closest friends. Last time I went, there were ... Read More »

Cheri Ate Animals at Marchand’s in the Vinoy

vinoy st pete farm to fork dinner mule

A few weeks back, I asked my friends on Facebook to recommend some cool date spots nearby so I could take Andres on a surprise date. My friend Katharine suggested that I take him to the Vinoy in St. Petersburg. In my head I thought “Vinoy, Vinoy, Vinoy. Isn’t that that big pink hotel I’ve driven by a few times ... Read More »

What To Do with Leftover Tomato Paste

what to do with leftover tomato paste

It happens to me every freaking time. I want to make something amazing that will totally be worth it, but the recipe calls for just 1-2 tablespoons of tomato paste at a time, without fail! We all face the same thing. And me, being on a pretty strict budget, I feel TERRIBLE throwing it away. I mean, it’s perfectly good ... Read More »

Bee’s Knees Cocktail Recipe [#video]

bees knees cocktail recipe-5-pinterest.jpg

When you’re dating a really great guy, you wanna take care of him, ya know? The boyfriend Andres usually orders a gin and tonic when we go out salsa dancing every weekend. It’s his drink. I remember the time he faked me out to quench my thirst by telling me to his drink his water…and of course after I took ... Read More »