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7 Easy Tips to Stick to Your Diet (video)

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Eeeee!!! Here I am. On Day 10 of my 42-Day Eat Good Challenge 2016. And so far, so good! I’m really surprised at how much easier this one is than last year actually, but I credit it to the following tips I’ve come up with over the past 3 times I’ve done this challenge. So here they are: 7 Easy ... Read More »

Eat Good Challenge 2016

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Alright here it is. It’s that time of year again. The time of year where I get so fed up with myself and my crappy eating that I have to do a bold challenge to get myself back on track. Last year, I started the challenge towards the end of May. This year I’m starting today! And I’m almost through day ... Read More »

Banana Nice Cream How To (video)


Sooooooo, maybe you’ve heard about it, but you have no idea how to make Banana Nice Cream, is that it?! Don’t worry, my dearest Reader, you are about to learn more than you wanted to! (like always) Banana Nice Cream has been around for a long time in vegan and vegetarian circles, and for good reason. It’s one of the ... Read More »

Matcha Cinnamon Bun Smoothie Recipe

picture of matcha cinnamon bun smoothie

Ok, so you get the Cinnamon Bun part…but what the heck is matcha, you ask? Never Fear! I shall explain all in this post…about my Matcha Cinnamon Bun Smoothie Recipe…and why matcha is the most important thing you’ll learn about nutrition today! :D So What the Heck is Matcha? The word Matcha refers to Matcha Green Tea — a traditional form ... Read More »

Chocolate Peanut Butter Coconut Refrigerator Oatmeal Recipe


So if you’ve never heard of a Refrigerator Oatmeal recipe before…aka “Overnight Oats” or even more well-known…muesli!… let me just tell you that it is as easy as pouring yourself some cereal…I’m serious! Refrigerator oats — and look!  You can see me in the spoon reflection :-) I’ve found that sometimes we get into a rut where we can’t even be energetic enough to ... Read More »

Kale Salad with Grated Cauliflower Recipe [video]


Heyyyyy!!! :P So I made this kale salad recipe and video mostly as a template for how you can use kale in future salads, but also because this Kale Salad with Grated Cauliflower Recipe is awesome! So kale can tend to be one of those yucky veggies that people know they should eat….but could never imagine eating raw. I know, ... Read More »